KLIMAT Strava Weather Addin

KLIMAT Strava Weather Addin

Anyone who is a serious mountain biker or even a road biker uses some kind of performance measuring tool to track their progress when it comes to things such as distance, elevation gain and time. And for most people that tool is the popular Strava smartphone app. Even if you use a GPS like a Garmin you can still upload your ride to your Strava account.

If you are a Strava user then you know about all of the great information the app can track for you making it easy to see how you are progressing on your riding and how you compare to your friends that you follow. Strava uses things like segment time, moving time, ride time, total mileage, total elevation gain, top speed, average speed and so on allowing you to get a great summary of your ride.

One thing Strava won't give you is information about the weather that you experienced during your ride. Sure you can get the current weather on your Garmin but what if you want to go back and look at your ride history to see what the weather was like for that particular day. This is where the KLIMAT Strava weather addin can help. It will record the weather at the start of the ride and end of the ride and you can have this information displayed with your Strava results for you and others to see.

The KLIMAT addin will pull weather information from local sources to try and give you the most accurate weather reporting it can. It will not take any weather data from your device so it will only be able to give you information about the weather in the surrounding area which is the same thing the weather app on your phone does.

You can have the addin show just the weather information from the beginning of your ride as shown below or at the end of the ride as well as shown in the second image down.

KLIMAT Strava weather addin

KLIMAT Strava weather addin


It will give you the sky conditions, temperature, feels like temperature, humidity and wind information. If you want to change the settings in regards to the addin showing the start and\or end weather as well as the units of measure you can go to the KLIMAT website and then into the settings. There are also other settings you can change there as well. The free version will not let you change all of the settings but the pay for version will. At only $5 per year there is no reason not to use the pay for version.

KLIMAT Strava weather addin


One cool thing you can do from the website is view all of the weather data from your activities and get information such as the average wind speed and humidity etc. You can also connect to each activity on the Strava website from the KLIMAT website.

KLIMAT Strava weather addin

If you want to try the KLIMAT Strava addin for free before deciding to buy the subscription, all you need to do is go to their site and connect your Strava account and you are ready to go.

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