The Mammoth Mountain area is a ski resort by winter and a bike park by summer offering almost year round outdoor activities. With the growing popularity of mountain biking and the advancement in mountain biking technology and design many ski areas are opening their slopes for summer downhill riding action. And since there are not too many places in Southern California that offer ski lift downhill mountain bike fun Mammoth is definitely a place to check out for your summer riding activities.

Mammoth Mountain is one of the bigger ski resorts in the Southern California area and offers a wide variety of trails of different skill levels to choose from ranging from the beginner green trails to the expert double black diamond trails. And the best part is that you don't have to ride up the mountain to get to the top to start your downhill. There are chairlifts and gondolas running all day to take you and your bike up to different sections of the mountain. The base of the mountain starts at around 8,000 feet elevation and the top will take you all the way to 11,000 feet so if you suffer from altitude section you better come early to get acclimated.
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Review Date: 8/13/2013
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If you are into downhill mountain biking as well as catching some air on the jumps then Mammoth is the place for you. Although the downhill trails are not super steep or overly technical they will still challenge your skills and test your body armor if you take a fall since it can be pretty rocky on many of the trails. As for the jumps there are many to choose from, including your standard dirt table tops to your wooden ramp jumps over gaps. There are even some nice wood berms to ride up on as you go down certain trails. And if you like your drops then there are some nice rock drop offs as well.

To ride Mammoth the way it was meant to be ridden you should have a decent full suspension mountain bike preferably with some downhill geometry to it. Many of the trails are rough and rocky and if you don't have the right suspension you will get jarred pretty good and it will be hard to keep your speed up if you want to get a good head start for the jumps. Of course if you don't want to go down fast then there are a wide variety of cross country trials that you can ride as well. And if you don't have the right kind of bike then they offer bike rentals as well where you can get a decent downhill bike for the day or weekend. There are also local bike shops in town that may offer rentals as well.

Mammoth Mountain has a lot of trails to choose from so you don't really have to worry too much about people getting in your way. The gondola may get a little crowded with riders and sight seers but for the most part you will get on board pretty quickly. If you ride down into the village you can use your lift pass to get you and your bike on the shuttle back to the main lift area as many times as you like.

Overall Mammoth is a great place to ride for the weekend since there are plenty of trails to check out and once you find the ones you like you can do them over and over until you have them mastered. There are also other things to do such as check out such as the rock climbing wall, adventure center and of course the bar where you can have a drink and eat a nice burger or sandwich although they are very expensive.

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To get to the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park make your way to the 14 freeway towards Palmdale if coming out of the Los Angeles area and merge onto the 395 N. Stay on the 395 for a while and then you will take a left on the 203 exit towards Mammoth Lakes/Devils Postpile and stay on that until you get into town.

If you are coming from up north you can take various roads depending on where you are starting from. There are several highways off Interstate 5 that will get you there including the 108, the 4, the 88 and the 50.

If you plan on renting a cabin or condo you should plan the location according to your activities. If you stay in the village and don't want to go out at night it may get a little loud with live music and people wandering the streets after hitting the bars all night so it may be hard to get your rest. Then again you will be closer to the shuttle so if you don't plan on driving up to the lifts then it may be your way to go after all.

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