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Review Date: 11/6/2016
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When it comes to must do rides the Alpine Ridge Trail in Oakridge Oregon is definitely one of those rides. There is a reason they call it the "Crown Jewel" and it's one of the top rated trails in Oregon. It offers fantastic scenery, some decent climbing and some super fast and flowy downhill... and we mean super fast.

If you take the shuttle to the top (which we highly recommend) it will be a 15 mile ride that you will never forget. You will start with a climb which will only make you want the downhill even more. You start at around 5000 feet elevation so it's not too high up where your lungs will be feeling it and end up around at 1300 feet when you get to the bottom. Most of the ride will be under tree cover so if you do it during the summer you don't have to worry about getting blasted by the sun. The soil stays pretty nice in the summer too unlike Bend where it gets really dry and dusty.

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Alpine Ridge Trail Review

We did the shuttle ride up and sort of knew what we were in for based on research and watching YouTube videos of other people doing the ride. What we didn't expect was as much climbing as we had to do. Keep in mind it's kind of spread out but when you do a shuttle run you don't expect to have to climb! Regardless, after you are done you will realize that the climbing was totally worth it.

It was late July when we rode Alpine Ridge and the trail conditions were still pretty good and after just coming from Bend it was a welcome change from the dusty conditions we had to deal with there. After your initial climb you will get a 2 mile downhill that will drop you 800 feet in elevation. After a couple more ups and downs you will get to enjoy 7 miles of downhill where you can go as fast as your bike and guts will take you. There are the typical roots and rocks along the trail but nothing too major that can really slow you down so make sure your brakes are in good working order before doing this ride. It's actually kind of fun to jump off the roots and rocks as you fly down the trail.

By the time you get to the bottom you will be amazed at how long you have been going downhill and it actually gets to a point where it seems like it will never end so if you are getting tired it may start to wear on you. I suppose you can stop and take a break but who wants to do that! Then again your hands or your brakes might need a break before you get to the bottom so keep that in mind.

Overall this is a top notch ride and you will be tempted to take the shuttle back up and do it again when you are done. Or you may want to consider staying another day and doing it again plus some of the other rides in the area. There are other shuttle trips you can plan as well for different trails.

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If you are planning on doing the shuttle method then getting there is easy. After you make your reservations just make your way to Oregon Adventures in Oakridge and check in for the shuttle. They are located at 47929 Hwy 58 and you will see the shuttles in the dirt parking lot and you can park off to the side if you plan on leaving your car there. Keep in mind that you will not be coming out of the trail where the shuttle leaves from so if you have a way you should leave a car at the end of the trail otherwise you will be doing an uphill road ride back to the shuttle spot where you left your car.

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