If you live and ride somewhere that is on the hotter side they you know how much sweating you usually do during your bike rides. I’m sure you have finished a ride on a hot day and had to pull the pads out of your helmet to wash them because they were soaked with sweat. Or maybe you like to ride with your helmet off but end up having sweat drip into your eyes making it hard to see.

Sweatvac Ventilator Cap
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Review Date: 08/07/2014
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Sure you can wear a bandana over your head but they are not really designed to soak up sweat or keep your head cool. Or if you played tennis in the 80s you can use your terrycloth headband. When it comes to mountain bike accessories its always best to go with the ones that are designed for the job.

One cool product you can use to help out your sweaty situation is called the SweatVac Ventilator Cap which is pretty much a thin lightweight cover for your head that helps to absorb sweat while keeping you cool. The cap is basically a liner that you use under your helmet to keep sweat from dripping down on your face but it also helps to keep you head cool just like your bike jersey does. The SweatVac Cap also comes with a mesh top to help keep things even cooler plus its machine washable so once you get it sweaty it's easy to clean for the next ride.

We have been using these caps for some time now and like the way they perform. You may not notice a real big difference in how cool they keep your head but they definitely help keep the sweat out of your eyes by absorbing it into the cap. If you overpower the cap with sweat it will tend to channel it down the side of your face rather than in your eyes. They are very useful if you like to do your climbs without your helmet but still want some sweat protection. And if you are missing hair on top they are great for going helmetless and not getting sunburned. And if you get sick of washing your helmet pads the cap will definitely help keep them dry. It's much easier to throw the cap in the washing machine than take out all your pads and wash them.

Sweatvac Ventilator Cap

Since the SweatVac Ventilator Caps are fairly cheap we suggest getting a few of them so you don't have to do laundry before your ride just to use a clean one. You will notice that when you take it off how much sweat it absorbs and when you put it back on it will actually give you a cool sensation. The caps come in a variety of color combinations so you can mix things up if that's what you are into. They also make a headband if you don’t want to have something that covers your entire head.

Overall it's a pretty good product and is worth trying out. It would be nice if they kept you a little cooler but at the same time they don't necessarily make you any warmer. If you only ride in the cold then they make a cold weather cap that will help keep you warm on those cold rides.

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