Devil's Canyon, filmed and reviewed by Jim Bernstein
Review Date: 1/1/2018
Trail Ratings
Fun Factor:2 Star Rating: Recommended Technical:3 Star Recommended

Devil's Canyon is a multi terrain trail out in Chatsworth, CA and can be ridden as an up an back down ride or you can connect to it from the Rocky Peak fire road that starts in Simi Valley. Once you find how to get to the lower trailhead which can be a bit of a challenge you will quickly find yourself on deep sand and loose gravel that your bike will want to sink into. There are also some rocky areas mixed in as well. Eventually you will get onto some firmer ground and it will be easier to make your way to the top.

The entire trail is about 4.5 miles and you will climb approximately 1500 feet if you start from the bottom near Topanga Canyon Blvd. A good portion of the trail is shaded so it might be one you can do on a warmer day to avoid the heat but then again it does get pretty hot in Chatsworth, shade or not. Once you get to the top you can explore the Rocky Peak area before coming back down or you can opt to take a different path down if you find you didn't like the ride up the trail. Just keep in mind you may not end up near your car if you parked at the lower trailhead so make sure to map it out first.

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We found Devil's Canyon to be one of those trails you do once just to say you did or to experience it for yourself. The sand and gravel will wear you down quickly as you struggle to keep your forward momentum and not get stuck or end up just spinning your rear wheel. Then when you throw some rocks into the mix it adds another challenge into the mix. Then again you might like that kind of thing but everyone on our exploration of the trail said they were good with doing it the one time. It might be better as a hiking trail and a biking trail. We did see some horses on the trail though so watch out for them.

Once you get out of the creek bed the dirt gets a little more compacted and it's a nicer ride. The uphill is very gradual so there is no struggling up steep climbs to wear you down. It doesn't seem too heavily used either so hikers shouldn't be too much of a problem. Coming downis much more fun because there are some pretty fast parts but there are also some loose corners and even some small water crossings to deal with. Riding the end in the sand is not as bad because you have a small decline to the trail but it's still a lot of work getting yourself through it without having to put your foot down and stop. And if you do stop it can be a challenge to get going again. Think of it more as a challenge of your balance and skill staying on the bike rather than a fun ride.

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To get to the bottom of Devils Canyon make your way to the 118 Freeway and exit Topanga Canyon Blvd (27). Turn left if you are coming from the 118 east or turn right if you are coming from the 118 west. Try and find somewhere legal to park right when you get to the light. You can try the small paved spot to the right if it's still open for parking. Then hop on your bike and ride up Bella Vista Place where the condos are at and along the right side of the street you will see bushes. When the bushes end go through that section and the trailhead will be on your left. If you want to ride it from the top down then you can take Rocky Peak fire road and make a right at Las Llajas and connect to the start of it that way.

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