The Albertson Fire Road trail is basically what it's named after, a fire road and is good if you want to go out and do a bike ride for the exercise and enjoy the view. It gets a technical rating of 2 because there is nothing technical about it except for maybe the climb up the fire road which isn't too horribly bad. An average rider shouldn't have a problem riding up the whole way but when it's hot it can takes its toll on you.

You can take the fire road up to other trials such as China Flats and Suicide Trail and even ride over the hill into Oak Park\Agoura. There is a nice view of the Wood Ranch Reservoir as well as you go up the road. This ride would be a good ride to take the family on assuming they have some riding experience and don't mind riding uphill for a while.

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Review Date: 1/30/2013
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3 Star Rating: Recommended
 Technical: 2 Star Recommended

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Albertson Fire Road Trail Review

If you like to ride for the sake of getting outside and getting some exercise then Albertson Fire Road trail may be for you. It's an up and down ride at the beginning depending where you start from then a pretty long climb up the road to China Flats. You can even go quite a ways past China Flats and take the Las Virgenes Canyon trail over to Cheseboro in Agoura Hills. But if you like to go fast then you will have fun coming back down the fire road. It's pretty smooth and has some nice curves and you can really get your speed up. The climb up can be a little boring and even tedious but the ride down will make you forget all about your stressful time up the hill. If you start from the beginning at Lang Ranch Parkway then there is a nice little downhill section before you start the climb up the main hill. If you are into night riding then this would be a good one to ride since there is nothing to really watch out for and you have a nice wide trail to ride on for the most part.

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There are several ways to get to the Albertson Fire Road trail so you can choose what’s closest or best for you. One way is from the start of the Wood Ranch trailhead in Simi Valley\Wood Ranch which is where Wood Ranch Parkway and Long Canyon Rd intersect. If you take this way you will have to ride up some additional fire roads before you get to Albertson.

The starting point of choice is from the end of Lang Ranch Parkway in Thousand Oaks since you immediately start on the Albertson Fire Road trail. To get to Lang Ranch Parkway take Avenida De Los Arboles to Westlake Blvd and hang a right. Then take your first left on Lang Ranch Parkway, pass the Chumash Indian Museum and park where the road ends and you will be right at the start of the trail.

You can also start from the corner of Oak valley Ln and Westlake Blvd and take Autumn Ridge Trail to Lang Ranch Ridge Trail for some extra mileage\ride time.

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