If you live on the west side of Simi Valley or have passed through and noticed the big white cross on the top of the hill and wondered if you can ride your bike up to it then the answer is yes you can. The Mt. McCoy Trail is all switchbacks up to the top of the hill where the cross is located and therefore all switchbacks coming back down.

If you are a halfway decent rider then it should not be a problem riding up the trail the whole way to the top especially since the trail is only about 1.3 miles and climbs a little more than 500 feet. It should be pretty easy to do it nonstop as well. Some of the turns can be difficult because they are sharp and sloped upwards at the same time making it hard to balance. Once you make it to the top there is a nice view of Simi Valley even though it's not really much to look at and you can also get a view of the Regan Library as well while you are there.

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Review Date: 2/16/2013
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The Mt. McCoy Trail is another one of those quickie rides when you want to get outside and get a little exercise. There is nothing too exciting about the ride and coming down isn't even that fun because of all the constant sharp turns you have to make coming down the switchbacks which slow you down. If you are good with the rear brakes then you can try and lock up the rear wheel and slide around the corners to keep your speed up.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous you can take the shortcuts that are cut across the switchbacks that give you a more direct route down the hill. Of course this will shorten your ride coming down though. If you do this ride during the summer it can get pretty hot so be sure to go early or in the evening. There isn't too much traffic on the trail in regards to hikers or other bikers so that's one benefit of doing this ride.

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To get to the Mt. McCoy Trail find your way to Madera Rd either from the 118 freeway or from Thousand Oaks coming down Olsen Rd into Madera Rd. If you are coming off the 118 make a right on Royal Ave and if coming from Thousand Oaks make a left on Royal Ave. Then you will make an immediate right on Acapulco Ave followed by a left on Washburn St. You will see the trail entrance on your left right before you get to Los Amigos Ave and you can park on the street right at the start of the trailhead.

If you are feeling lazy and want to just go down the switchbacks then you can find your way to Summertime Ave and ride up the paved road to the water tower and then over to the top of the hill where the cross is located. Of course you will need to find your way home from there since you will end up in a different part of town!

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