Sometimes you go for a ride and try a new trail and realize you could have picked a better one to do. Well, this will be the case if you decide to ride in Malibu Creek State Park. There are not any real trails in this area but rather just some fire road riding and it doesn't take too long to ride the whole thing. It's an in and out type ride as well and gets very crowded on the weekends.

One of the highlights of this area is that it is where they filmed many of the shots for the TV show M.A.S.H. and have a display area with a couple of the old rusty trucks sitting there. They also added a couple of new display items to spice it up a little. There is a detour you can take as well to go to what used to be a swimming hole many years ago but is off limits now. There is also a rock climbing wall in that same area that people still use to practice on.

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Review Date: 3/31/2013
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This trail is not too exciting and doesn't offer any real challenges. This trail system is better suited for hiking than mountain biking. The only saving grace is the short section of rocky singletrack that will at least give you some semi-technical riding but then again you have to worry more about the hikers than the rocks. It should not be a problem for most riders and there will be one or two spots you may have to get off your bike at and walk over. If you park on Mulholland Hwy and enter that way you get a fun but very short downhill singletrack run that connects you to the main fire road \ trail. There is only one real climb near the middle but it's nothing to worry about since it's not too steep or too long.

On the plus side it does connect you to the Lookout Trail that can be very fun coming down but from this entrance it's all uphill. The trail is mostly the fire road that will eventually turn into the rocky singletrack and then back to fire road and end at the M.A.S.H. site. One good thing about Malibu Creek State Park is that it does offer some really nice views of the rocky hills and makes for some nice picture taking opportunities. I suppose you can do this ride once just to check it out and say you have done it or at least judge it for yourself.

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Malibu Creek State Park is located off of Las Virgenes Rd. in Calabasas not too far from the freeway. To get there exit the Las Virgenes Rd. exit and head west towards the beach. After about 3 miles you will hit Mulholland Hwy and if you make a right you can park right on Mulholland and enter the park that way, for free we might add.

If you go down Las Virgenes Rd. a little more there will be a park entrance where you can park in the parking lot for a small charge. Mulholland gets very crowded on the weekend so you may get stuck parking in the pay lot if you can't find any other parking. Its pretty hard to get lost once you start riding since there is only one real way you can go on the main trail which is called Crags Rd.

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