When you are thinking of good places to mountain bike, Kernville may not be the first place that comes to mind but there are actually some fun trails to ride in that area. And if you haven't heard of the Cannell Trail or Cannell Plunge as it's often called then you should look into that ride for sure which happens to be in Kernville since the Cannell Trail is one of the best trails around when it comes to long distance rides. But the Cannell Trail is not the only game in the town of Kernville. There are also the Just Outstanding and Wagy Ridge Trails.

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Review Date: 10/29/2013
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The Just Outstanding ride varies in length depending on how you ride it and which direction you go. Once you hit the singletrack it goes for about 5 miles and then you will have to do some climbing to get to the other sections singletrack where Wagy Ridge Trail starts. We have not been able to find any good maps and peoples directions seem to vary quite a bit. We do know that you need to start from the Alta Sierra Ski Resort where you can park the second car if you are doing a shuttle run. Many people ride up and then back down but be prepared for a workout if you do it that way.

As for the ride itself, Just Outstanding is a fun downhill singletrack ride through the trees. It offers some nice corners, semi-technical areas as well as some spots where you can really fly if you dare. And of course there is the famous Manzanita Tunnel section where you are riding through a tunnel of Manzanita trees that is quite the experience.

The Wagy Ridge Trail offers a different kind of fun with steeper sections that can be really sandy that will test your skills. You also get a nice view of Lake Isabella while on this part of the trail. The trail splits off at times in different directions but you should be able to do the ride without getting lost since it's more out in the open than Just Outstanding making it easier to see where you need to go. You will also find some rocky areas along the way to add to the challenge.

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Just Outstanding and Wagy Ridge Trails Review

Out of the 2 trails, Just Outstanding is the better ride and offers the most fun. If you have ever ridden Mt. Pinos\McGill trail in Frazier Park then you will notice the similarities in the trail between the two. For the most part it's a fast and fairly smooth trail. You will cross over the fire road a few times as well. The dirt can be a little loose making it dusty and it would be a good ride to do a few days after it rains. If you are not an expert rider then this trial will still be doable since you don't have to go super fast on it and it's not too steep either. The Manzanita Tunnel section is really cool but it's pretty short. I would recommend taking a picture there since it's a good photo op.

Once you are done with Just Outstanding you will take a fire road uphill for a couple of miles or so before getting to where you can connect to Wagy Ridge Trail. It's not too steep but if it's hot then it's not too much fun to ride up so make sure you have water and sunscreen. Finding Wagy Ridge is not too straightforward so if you have never done it before we would suggest trying to find a map or directions.

Like mentioned before Wagy Ridge appears to branch off a few places but seems to all lead to the same destination at the bottom or at least close to the same destination. Wagy Ridge Trail is more out in the open and a lot of it is loose sand so be prepared to slide around while riding. There are some sections that are fairly steep too so when you mix that with loose sand it can be a little challenging. You will also find some rocky areas as well but they are not too difficult to tackle.

Overall both trails are fun to ride but may not be worth the ride up but definitely worth doing as a shuttle run. If you are planning on doing the Cannel Trail then you should think about doing Just Outstanding and Wagy as a warm up the day before or maybe even after if you have some motivation left. There is a company called Mountain River Adventures that offer shuttle runs for Cannell as well as Just Outstanding.

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Directions to the Just Outstanding and Wagy Ridge Trails

To get to the Just Outstanding Trailhead make your way to Kernville and get on Hwy 155 (for about 7 miles from Wofford Heights) until you get to Rancherita Rd and hang a left. Follow Rancherita Rd until you get to the Alta Sierra Ski Resort and park at the parking lot. From there ride down Rancheria Road about a 1/2 mile and the trail head will be on your right. There may be an orange flag at the start and a sign that says something like Perfect Ride.

If you do the Wagy Ridge run as well you will come out at the 155 about 2-3 miles outside of Wofford Heights. Where you come out will depend on what trail you ended up taking. No matter which way you decide to take you should try and plan out the ride beforehand so you don't get lost or end up too far away from the car you parked at the bottom.

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