It seems that nowadays everyone is an action video producer and sites like YouTube are filling up with videos of people at their best (and worst) when it comes to things like surfing, skateboarding and most importantly, mountain biking. With the recent surge of small, affordable high quality video cameras, anyone can be an action star, at least on YouTube.

One of the most well known and well respected cameras for action filming is made by GoPro. They have a variety of models that offer high definition (HD) video capabilities as well as other features and best of all these cameras can take a beating thanks to their rugged cases. People like to mount these cameras on their cars, motorcycles and most importantly, mountain bikes!

K-Edge Camera Mounts
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Review Date: 03/04/2013
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Even though GoPro offers many types of mounts such as helmet, chest, wrist and handlebar mounts some of them could use a little improvement. If you have ever used the plastic GoPro handlebar mount you most likely have noticed that the video will come out quite shaky and if it's really rough terrain you are riding on then it may not even be usable. This is where K-Edge comes to the rescue with their Go Big GoPro camera mounts. The K-Edge mounts are made from CNC Machined 6061 T6 Aluminum rather than plastic and are very light at 46 grams for the Pro version and 24 grams for the standard version. The mounts are made in the USA and have a lifetime guarantee. Available colors include gun metal, red and black.

Standard Version

K-Edge Standard.

Pro Version

K-Edge Pro

Both versions allow you to mount your camera in different ways such as above or below your handlebars to help you get the angle you are looking for. These mounts will reduce the shaking in your videos by quite a bit. We have tested the Pro version and it definitely makes a difference compared to the stock GoPro mount as you can see in this video.

The K-Edge mounts attach using allen head screws so it's a good idea to keep an allen wrench with you when riding in case you need to make adjustments or tighten anything. We have never had a mount come loose even while riding on some pretty rough trails. The design of the mount lets you rotate its position on the handlebars as well as the angle of the camera. Since it uses allen screws to mount to the bars and to connect the camera it takes a little longer to install or adjust than the GoPro version but it’s well worth the extra time.

K-Edge Go Big Saddle Rail Mount

K-Edge also has a mount for your camera so you can place it under your seat for rear view filming. The saddle rail mount is made from the same materials as the handlebar mounts and weighs in at 45 grams and should fit on any standard seat rails. It also comes in the same colors as the handlebar mounts.

K-Edge Saddle Mount


This mount takes a little more time to install but it's still very easy, especially if you take your seat post out of your frame. There is no need to take the seat off the post to do this installation either. The Go Big saddle rail mount offers the same shake free video as the handlebar mounts offer as you can see in this test video.

So if you want to take your mountain bike filming to the next level you should definitely check out the K-Edge line of products. They are on the pricey side and prices will vary depending on where you get them but if you are serious about your videos then it's worth the extra money compared to other products.

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